atelier d'architecture acarre
  • The a² architectural practice is nestled at the heart of Dalhem, a village situated between Liège and Maastricht and adjoining the Pays de Herve.

    Michaël Périlleux created the practice in 2002.

    A licensed architect from the Institut Supérieur d’Architecture Saint-Luc de Wallonie (Liège), he specialises in the restoration of old buildings. Michaël Périlleux starts his career in the firm of Architect Eugène Moureau (Groupe a.u.s.e), a Doctor in Architecture, professor and Emiritus Director of the I.S.A. Saint-Luc in Liège), with whom he regularly works on numerous projects since 2006. This inspiring association continues to this day.

  • The atelier d’architecture a² carries out interventions in the many facets of architecture: residential housing, apartments, office spaces and industrial buildings, transformation and renovation of existing edifices, heritage restoration, interior and exterior design, furniture design.

    Although most projects concern private housing, the firm also works in the public space (transformation of schools and public buildings).

    We treat all our projects - big or small - with the same high expectations. Starting with the preliminary sketch, our designs fall within the scope of a cutting-edge, contemporary and sustainable approach.

  • The atelier d’architecture a² develops each project using a methodical, rigorous study of the very specific constraints and needs inherent to each client and commission.

    Using a rational approach where function and the identity of the location work as the key components of the entire creative process, these elements function like engines for architectural design.

    This supposes a close dialogue with the client and the gradual construction of a trusting relationship.

    The stated goal consists in creating a synergy between the various data (functionality, budget, energy performance, technology, light, orientation, organisation, connections...) before transposing it into the space.

    In a world where image and immediacy take precedence over substance, the atelier d’architecture a² wants to apprehend projects as resulting from an interaction between the constraints and the environment expressed in a clear, current, sustainable language that will remain as timeless as possible. Our projects reflect our fondness for natural materials, a certain form of authenticity, qualities of ambiance and light, and an atmosphere conveyed by a fine, resolutely contemporary vision.

    The ultimate purpose of the exercise is the in situ construction of the project, whilst preserving at all costs the various elements that make up its DNA throughout the entire building process.

    How? By rigorously planning the technical project and by ensuring that the level of requirements is upheld throughout the mission. This is echoed in our attention to detail, dedicated supervision of the execution of the work and continuous focus on the budget. Choosing the right partner (stability engineers, etc.) also proves crucial to achieve the best results.

    By keeping the soul of each project untouched from preliminary sketch to the end of the works, our projects respond as authentically as possible to the questions raised.

    At the atelier d’architecture a², we accompany, advise and guide you to make your project genuinely unique whilst reflecting its era and interacting with its milieu.

landscaping in Knokke
apartments in Aywaille
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house in Chaumont-Gistoux
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house in Chaumont-Gistoux
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business cafeteria in Hauts-Sarts
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street lieutenant pirard, 16 b - 4607 dalhem, belgium
phone: 0032 (0)4 379 60 51
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VAT: be-0806 486 506

michaël périlleux, architecte
mobile: 0032 (0)474 321 287

atelier d'architecture acarre

Maison à Jaminet, Vinalmont | 2011